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Fairly priced custom course content, perfectly matched to your learning objectives, student demographics, and unique teaching style.

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Skyepack helps instructors:

As an instructor, you likely feel confined when choosing textbooks that other educators have written. Curriculum from one school cannot simply be dropped into another and be expected to succeed. Skyepack empowers you to take control over your content.

Not only can you provide your own custom curriculum, you get to maintain the ownership of your intellectual property. We leverage Open Educational Resources (OER), so our instructional designers curate that content, along with any you have created, to build a customized digital course pack.

Unlike printed and costly textbooks, if you have changes you would like to make to your lessons, you can update it in moments. Content is synced with a cloud-based system, keeping data consistent across all devices.

Engage your students with self-assessments, graded quizzes, and discussion boards that correspond with the content you teach. We support videos, images, documents, audio, and even customized HTML.

In the event that you need help curating content, we can help with that. Our course designers do the heavy lifting with planning, curriculum development, and the transition to online material delivery, leaving you free to focus on what matters most—your teaching.

Your students will thank you for saving them money on textbooks through Skyepack. Satisfied students equals positive online reviews.

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