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You have better things to spend your money on.

Skyepack helps students:

You probably don't enjoy dropping over $200 on a single textbook that will only give you a 15% return when you sell it back. We're with you on that. Instead, you'd probably prefer spending that cash on burritos, concert tickets and scoring some socially conscientious apparel at a second-hand shop. Agree?

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Imagine being free from trips to the bookstore, backbreaking book bags, and depleting your checking account with a single swipe of your credit card. If your mail, news, music and photos are digitally available on your devices, shouldn't your course materials be as well?

We're Skyepack, and we want to save you from textbooks. We work with professors to create custom content for your class, then make it available to you digitally.

We hook you up with course materials that are:

Let your professors and institutions know that all students deserve what Skyepack has to offer.

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