Our Team

Eric Davis

Eric Davis Chairman

Eric looks at the world as it could be and asks "Why not?" That probably explains his continued addiction to start-ups and his vast career experiences: attorney; technology licensing manager; CEO; COO; CFO; and K-12 school administrator. If something looks like it could work better, you will probably find Eric working either in the background or front and center. Eric has co-founded and managed Copient Technologies, Arxan Technologies, Kylin Therapeutics, and Skyepack. Eric is also very passionate about his family (4 kids and a great supportive wife). For fun, Eric tries to keep up with his wife in a variety of activities for abnormal people, like Ironman events, riding bikes across entire states, and swimming from Alcatraz. The last one he watched safely from shore.

Brady Kalb

Brady Kalb Chief Executive Officer

Brady is a "reformed engineer turned entrepreneur". After engineering gigs at two Fortune 100 companies, Brady left the corporate world to pursue a business degree and seek out new challenges. His entrepreneurial career has spanned a wide variety of industries such as software, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, advanced manufacturing, and clean energy.
Brady's passion for education stems from his desire to "always be learning" and find innovative solutions to difficult problems. He’s fortunate to be able to share that passion with aspiring entrepreneurs as an adjunct faculty member in Purdue's Entrepreneurship program.
Brady enjoys family outings to the park, explaining the answers of "Life, the Universe, and Everything" to his daughters, and reading just about anything (favorites are classics, popular fiction, and biographies).

Kyle Bowen

Kyle Bowen Chief Technology Officer

Kyle is Director of Education Technology Services at Penn State University, where he leads a development group focused on creating innovative applications within teaching, learning, and research. An international speaker on mobile and social network powered learning; Kyle has also authored or served as technical director for, more than 20 books within the areas of Web design, development and usability. His work has been featured by the New York Times, USA Today, TIME, and Mashable. Kyle received his B.S. degree from Purdue University.

Kris Skaff

Kris Skaff Director of Account Management

Kris parlayed her years as a teacher in a classroom to selling effective instructional resources for higher education. Kris’s expertise in providing these solutions is enhanced by her dual degrees in education and business. She was a key contributor in 2008 to a start-up company that pioneered innovative solutions and today celebrates global market reach in higher education sciences and curriculum. An account manager with over 15 years combined experience in higher education sales, classroom teaching and marketing, Kris finds the greatest satisfaction in sharing the best educational resources with instructors and students while ensuring a cost-effective and positive learning experience. You can find Kris seeking music venues and traveling with her husband and 3 teenagers, or walking her dogs adopted from the local humane society where she volunteers with her children.

Alex Kingman

Alex Kingman Creative Director

Passionate about design, web technology, and solving problems. Alex enjoys working with other creative folks to find clever ways to communicate ideas and make life a little easier. As an amateur cook, keyboardist in a soul band, and proud daddy of two little girls, Alex tries to squeeze every bit of fun out of life. In his downtime, he enjoys reading epic science fiction novels, learning about fine bourbons and craft beer, and playing a "weird amount" of video and board games.

Buddy Favors Jr.

Buddy Favors Jr. Full Stack Developer

Buddy loves to get stuff done and solve complex problems with short and long term solutions. A ninja at fixing bugs quickly, people can count on Buddy to quickly isolate the root cause. He has honed his skills with a B.S. in Computer and Information Technology from Purdue University and by being a renowned hacker by exploiting popular game titles. Buddy loves learning new technologies, which is never ending in the software world. In his free time, he loves spending time with his new wife, playing soccer, building robotics, and solving a rubik's cube in 35 seconds.

Will Grauvogel

Will Grauvogel Full Stack Developer

To put it simply, Will is a problem solver. He has a burning passion to make everything work, and work well. He developed his chops earning a B.S. in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University and from working on various freelance projects. Now Will uses his skills to develop and improve Skyepack for iOS, Android and Web. Whether he is developing custom code to streamline business logic, earning achievements on Steam, creating engaging UI, monopolizing resources in the world of Catan, or mastering his photoshop-fu by designing mock-ups, he brings his Will-Game.

Austin Bates

Austin Bates Director of Operations & Instructional Design

Austin solves eLearning challenges using his expertise in Instructional Design and Educational Technology. Born and raised in Texas, he learned at an early age the importance of dedication to a craft. During his Masters pursuit with Texas A&M University in Educational Technology, Austin began to question "Why not create better ways to teach in the online environment?" Skyepack soon became his catalyst for this new paradigm in online instruction and the rest is history. He is valued for his abilities to plan course designs, implement powerful teaching technology, and execute daily production assignments with his team of instructional designers. He is a team player who puts emphasis on the adage "teamwork makes the dream work". In his spare time, Austin enjoys biking, watching football, and making every minute count. His passion towards media, design, and technology keep him easily entertained.

Hans Aagard

Hans Aagard Senior Educational Technologist

Hans has experience with every side of the higher education experience, from creating to evaluating, from face-to-face to online, and from writing documentation for technologies to creating and implementing them. He tries to get his three kids outside for Good Healthy Fun as often as possible. Hans likes to interview people about the media they watch and produces a podcast about media consumption. He has tried his hand at stand-up comedy and short films, and did his PhD dissertation on how much humor helps in instructional videos (answer: it depends).

Malcolm Harrison

Malcolm Harrison Production Manager

There isn’t much in the realm of Digital Media that Malcolm hasn’t done. Malcolm attended Texas A&M University, and earned a University Studies degree in Architecture with an emphasis on Digital Media, Art, and Film Studies. He has participated in film competitions, directed a local film festival, and has experience in live event broadcasting. On the weekends, he could be found directing short films and videos as a freelance filmmaker. Malcolm is committed to staying current and innovating in the Digital media arena.

Cole Tatge

Cole Tatge Lead Copy Editor

Cole is the go-to guy for questions about grammar, word choice, or anything else related to English usage. He graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a Bachelor’s degree in English, but spent his college summers gaining valuable experience in the educational realm as a Writing Consultant for the Texas A&M University Writing Center. After college, Cole also heightened his writing and editing abilities by working as a copy editor during which time he gained invaluable skills in technical and marketing writing. Now, he oversees the editing of all the written material for Skyepack’s online courses. Cole enjoys fostering a collaborative and friendly working environment. In his free time, he enjoys reading, board games, and staying caught up with his favorite TV shows.