We Help Universities.

We help institutions save students money and implement new potential revenue streams, while promoting academic freedom by freeing faculty from the constraints of the textbook ecosystem.


Skyepack helps institutions:

Institutions strive to maintain integrity and innovation in their teaching, learning, and research. Take your educational technology to the next level by utilizing Skyepack. Not only does it engage learners, it reduces costs for students.

Available on the web, iOS, and Android devices, Skyepack is easy to use for both students and instructors with lots of interactive features that create a 21st century classroom experience. Our analytics dashboard helps instructors monitor students’ progress through the course and discover important connections between specific pieces of content and learning outcomes.

Our instructional designers partner with your faculty to build a set of materials specifically for your classes, all delivered through our cloud-based learning platform. The results is a customized course package for your professors, delivered to your students with a flexible model that is sustainable for your school.

In the event that you have a new professor step in, the fresh instructor can take the previous content from the course and mold it to their own style. Instead of stumbling through a textbook they didn’t choose, new instructors can teach as they are naturally able without limits.

With Skyepack, everyone wins. Students save money. Professors customize and own their content. Institutions increase credibility as a place that values educational technology and cares enough to protecting their pupils from the added, unnecessary expense of textbooks.

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