Welcome to the Career+ Experiences Platform, a place to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world job application. Here, Students can gain valuable education about our local workforce to help shape their future careers’; Teachers can register for or request specific learning experiences based on their students’ interests and skills; and Employer Partners can build important relationships with their local community and potential future employees.

This document will serve as a guide to help you navigate the platform for the first time whether you’re a Student, Teacher, or Employer Partner.


This section shows off all the different Experiences offered by experts in your community. These can include anything from company tours, presentations, bootcamps, workshops, job rotations, and more! Career+ Experiences provide an invaluable method for students to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application. 

Students, Teachers, and Employer Partners can search through the Experiences available in their general location or area of interest.

For Students

If you find an Experience you would like to attend, simply select the posting and click on the button labeled “I’m Interested.”

Doing this will notify your Career Advisor that you are interested in participating in this Experience, and they will reach out to you to discuss your interests and future experiences that you can participate in. 

For Teachers

If you find an Experience you would like for your students to attend, simply select the posting and you’ll be given 2 options: “Have Questions?” and “Register your class” Clicking “Have Questions?” will provide you the email address of the Employer Partner which you can use to contact them directly and communicate about the Experience.

Clicking “Register your class” will bring up a form which asks for the number of students wanting to attend the Experience. Once you enter that number and click the “Submit” button, the Career+ Team will be notified and they will follow-up with you. 

Be aware that registration for an Experience is not guaranteed. Experiences like Job Rotations or Bootcamps only have a certain number of seats available and may not be able to host your entire class, or another teacher may have registered for the event before you. The Career+ Team will do their best to work with and for you, but they can’t promise that you’ll be able to attend every Experience you sign up for. 

For safety and privacy reasons, Students are only able to see Experiences that have registration links.


Experience Types:

Career+ Tour:

A company led tour around one of your facilities. This allows students to see the different processes, equipment, and jobs required in order to make your product as well as ask questions. 

Career+ Chat:

Career+ Chats offer students the Experience to engage directly with employers virtually. Enabling students to chat directly with local employer professionals in a real-time setting within advanced manufacturing, logistics, supply chain and healthcare fields. Career+ Chats provide insights into specific companies and entry-level job opportunities which empowers students to make informed decisions about future careers. Career+ Chats are also recorded and uploaded to the video library where they can later be viewed by other Students and Teachers.


Career+ Skills Bootcamp:

Skills Bootcamps are pre-employment training experiences offered by employers to develop students’ career readiness. Skills Bootcamps can be offered virtual or in-person at the workplace, allowing students to directly learn hands-on, technical skills needed for entry-level employment. An assessment may be required following the training session to ensure mastery of the given skills or knowledge. 

Career+ Job Rotation:

In-person or virtual Career+ Job Rotations involve students observing and engaging with the entry-level job roles and the work environments. The rotations allow students to experience “a day in the life” of entry level positions they may choose to pursue upon graduation from high school.

Other: Any other type of experience that doesn’t fit into one of the other categories.


Another way to view upcoming Experiences is through the Calendar. Click the “View Calendar” button to the right of the filters to open the Calendar. You’ll see the exact date and time that each Experience is occurring. Each Experience is marked by a colored dot which indicates what category it falls under. 


Red = Career+ Tour

Green = Career+ Chat

Blue = Career+ Job Rotation

Purple = Career+ Skills Bootcamp

Yellow = Other