Take control of your textbook.

Ditch the textbook adoption cycle. We create resources perfectly aligned with your course objectives and teaching modality. Update when you want, how you want.  Lifetime access for $40. 

Engage students with interactive videos. 

Provide pertinent review.

Aligned with objectives.

Bringing low-cost resources to universities nationwide

The traditional model is neither user-friendly nor equitable

Lower course costs on your terms

On your terms

Since 2015, we have helped instructors create low-cost resources detached from the adoption cycle set by major publishers. With Skyepack, you are in control.

Aligned with you

Tailoring content to your course objectives is time-intensive. We do the heavy lifting. Together, we build a resource with true scope and sequence.

Equitable pricing

We have created flexible and fair pricing models that consider the needs of each and every student. Reduce course costs with a team to make it possible.


Our Platform Features
  • Interactive Feature Review
  • Immersive Content Delivery
  • Localized Articles & Material
  • Collaborative Spaces
  • Assessment Types & Functionality
  • Course Planning Templates


Titles From our Catalog
  • $40 for Lifetime Student Access
  • 320+ Titles to Explore
  • Customized for your Course
  • Integrates with any LMS
  • Student Support Services
  • Perpetual Revision Cycle


Instructional Design Services
  • Personalized Report for Content Availability
  • Customized Sample for your Course
  • Experience our Content Curation Services
  • Zero Cost for Instructrs and Institutions
  • Instructional Design Consultation
  • Content Delivery Platform Review

Making education more affordable for each and every learner

Skyepack is committed to equitable educational solutions. We believe in providing highly engaging resources that impact minds as well as futures. 

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No more waiting for the next edition. Update on your terms.

Customizing a course pack takes time. While other platforms allow you to update content, it’s a lot of work on your plate. We provide you an instructional designer to build a resource you love without having to navigate a new tool. 

Integrated with Inclusive Access

We work with Inclusive Access Programs to create even more savings for students. Our account management team collaborates with your bookstore to ensure access for students.

Integrated with Inclusive Access

We work with Inclusive Access Programs to create even more savings for students. Our account management team collaborates with your bookstore to ensure access for students.

Engage students with interactive review

Flash Card Sets

Help students review key terms and bolster their background knowledge.

Drag and Drop

For more detailed review, have students match terms to the appropriate place on an image.

Practice Questions

Provide immediate feedback and problem analysis to help students increase retention.

Hyperlocal News Articles

Our instructional design team can embed articles from a local source to make the content relevant.

Our low-cost resources are highly recommeded

New ways to engage students

The materials Skyepack developed were just perfect. One of my cohorts has chosen to use it this semester as well.


Dr. Karen Lynn

Instructional Assistant Professor of Integrated Marketing Communication
Much more affordable for students

Skyepack cut students' costs for my course by over 75%.


Dr. Miles M. Ishigaki

Professor of Music
Exceptional service and design

My designer would get the work done quickly, and I seldom had to change anything.


Dr. Ed Kosack

Associate professor of Economics

Need more information about our resources?

We’d love to talk with you about our resources and processes. We’re here to help. 

Where does Skyepack get its content?

Our team is trained by our Creative Commons certified leaders and open educational resource (OER) specialists to find and utilize the best OER within our resources. We use OER, instructor content, and ancillary materials to build highly engaging course packs that are uniquely yours.

Will you work with my bookstore?

Our service team works directly with your bookstore to ensure financial aid is available to cover Skyepack's costs for students. Students who do not request financial aid can buy directly on our platform to avoid bookstore markup fees. We also embed within Inclusive Access programs to save students even more money. 

How much does Skyepack cost?

Skyepack is free for instructors. Our resources are $40 for lifetime access for students. For multiple courses, we provide custom bundled price plans that are even more cost effective for students. Departments can also partake in a semester trial of our complete catalog at no cost to the department or students.