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Career Opporunities

Project overview

Career+™ is defined as a locally available, in-demand, high-wage job with a fully funded college education. Career+™ develops work-ready students prepared for area high-wage, in-demand careers, and the opportunity to pursue higher levels of debt-free education through employer and state funded tuition programs. 

Skyepack partnered with the Greater Lafayette Commerce to improve student access to employers in the West Lafayette community. Participating area schools, Ivy Tech, and regional employers now have access to an ecosystem that helps students “connect the dots” between their education and a career.  By aligning education standards with high-demand skills, the Greater Lafayette Career+™ Ecosystem will enhance and grow local and regional opportunities for students in grades K-12.

What we did for this project

Students, faculty, and employers engaged with our easy-to-use platform to improve equitable access to career opportunities. For this project, we were able to capitalize on the following goals:

Project results

Skyepack worked closely with the Greater Lafayette Commerce to design, develop, and launch the program, which includes a user-friendly platform that allows users to easily navigate through the various resources and tools available. The program also includes personalized coaching and mentoring designed to help individuals achieve their goals and career aspirations. 
Career Plus Pathways has already had a significant impact on the Greater Lafayette community. Since its launch in 2019, the program has helped hundreds of individuals gain the knowledge and skills needed to secure higher-paying jobs in their desired fields. It has also helped local employers fill critical workforce gaps and build a strong, skilled workforce for the region’s future growth and success. 

Project and School Partners

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We are committed to creating learning experiences that last. Across schools, univerisites, and companies, our work is positvely impacting the futures of learners.