Skyepack & the Future of Work:
Pioneering Career-Connected Learning


With the job landscape undergoing rapid transformation, the spotlight is on career-connected learning  (also referred to as “Work-based Learning”) and skills-based employment. The rise of these trends underscores the need for innovative tools and strategies. This is where Skyepack becomes an indispensable partner for employers, educators, and students.

How Skyepack Bridges Education & Industry

For ages, workforce education has been scattered. Think about the monumental challenges when multiple employers independently form partnerships with schools, teachers, and industry experts. Skyepack is the game-changer in this scenario.

Skyepack bridges K-12, higher education, and industries with its revolutionary Ecosystem Platform and Services. It’s not just a meeting point but an active connection to the potential workforce—students. This union magnifies a community’s ability to attract and retain talent in our fast-evolving world.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Workforce

Beyond immediate employment, students learn to maximize their education’s value, bond with understanding employers, and visualize their organizational growth journey. While they’re globally ready, many choose local opportunities—a testament to the vibrant environment created by such systems.

In just one year, students from participating schools in Greater Lafayette, Indiana earned over 23,000 skills badges through Skyepack’s microcredential courses. The April 2023 hiring event highlighted their achievements. The growth is evident. More than 3,000 students enrolled in these microcredentials this year. Completing them even earns students three credit hours from Ivy Tech Community College, benefiting those eager to enter fields like healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and supply chain.

Skyepack doesn’t merely offer solutions—it sets off a chain reaction. Communities begin a positive cycle of talent development, heightening their global competitiveness.

At Skyepack, we’re not just fostering dreams; we’re providing the tools and platforms for them to materialize. Bridging classroom knowledge with real-world application, the future of workforce development shines bright.