Maximizing opportunities for each and every learner.

What if your institution had the tools to create affordable, interactive resources for your students? And, what if career opportunities for students were more readily available for your learners? Skyepack and our partners are striving to reach that vision.

From microcredentials to career connections for high school students, Skyepack provides equitable opportunities for learners. Our platform empowers educators to build engaging learning opportunities.

We serve more than 100,000 students in universities and schools across the nation. Our business partners also utilize our services to empower employees and provide opportunities to career-ready students.

Skyepack's Origin Story

In 2012 a team of researchers, faculty and entrepreneurs connected to Purdue University founded Skyepack with the mission to make education more affordable, accessible and effective. Through a partnership with Purdue, Skyepack utilized technology and learnings from Purdue’s Studio Team, a multidisciplinary team of researchers, developers and faculty dedicated to creating solutions to education’s toughest challenges. In Skyepack’s earliest years it focused primarily on helping faculty transition from traditional textbooks to dynamic digital curriculum based on a combination of faculty created content, university created content and open educational resources.

To date, Skyepack hosts these alternative, customized resources for 100’s of campuses serving 1000’s of students - saving them over $10M. Seed funding was initially provided to help start Skyepack through a combination of Elevate Ventures, M25, Purdue University Innovation Funds, and angel investors. Today, Skyepack provides a comprehensive combination of products and services that provide unique educational solutions to K12, Higher Education, Industry and the Nonprofit sectors.

Our Team

The Skyepack team is made up of a diverse group of innovators, educators, and influencers who are committed to a common vision and purpose. Leveraging the talents of entrepreneurs, teachers, university faculty, subject matter experts, designers, software developers, data scientists and education administrators the Skyepack team brings together a unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience to help solve some of education’s most pressing challenges.

Our Mission

To design and build educational systems that provide access to opportunity, especially for those that find themselves furthest away from it.

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Our Core Values

Amy Hanna
Career+ Industry Coordinator
Jordan Hainje
Project Manager
Lydia Harrison
Instructional & Curriculum Designer
Malcolm Harrison
Production Manager
Alex Kingman
Creative Director
Carter Lehman
Instructional, Media, & Graphic Designer
Marques Nelson
Assistant Instructional Designer
Jennifer Osburn
Curriculum Adoption Coordinator
Kris Skaff
K-Career + Curriculum Adoption Coordinator
Cole Tatge
Instructional & Curriculum Designer
Emma Williams
Assistant Instructional Designer
Salma Torres
Revenue Operations Specialist
Sierra Woodstock
Account Executive
Tyler Agnew
Account Executive
Bailey Grams
Instructional, Media, & Graphic Designer
Madison Benzor
Instructional Designer
Faith Brock
Student & Faculty Services
Madeline Cure
Assistant Instructional Designer
Buddy Favors Jr.
Full Stack Developer