Providing New Opportunities

Microcredentials within the University System

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Learn to embed microcredentials within your course
Instructors will not only learn the purpose of microcredentials, but they will also acquire the knowledge needed to implement new learning opportunities within their courses.
Create an industry-relevant academic ecosystem
By completing this course, participants will have the ability to create an environment where learners are equipped with the knowledge and credentialing to succeed in their field.
Better prepare students for an evolving workforce
The workforce is ever-changing. By learning the ins and outs of microcredentials, instructors can create pathways for students that better prepare them as versatile professionals.

The course outline

The self-paced course is meant to guide you through the steps it takes to implement microcredentials within your course offerings. Along the way, you'll learn the following:

  • What a microcredential is and how they currently operate at the university level

  • The process of embedding a microcredential within your course

  • The knowledge and deliverables needed to begin your journey with microcredentials
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    A primary challenge that many universities face today is building the capacity and understanding among faculty to integrate the ever-evolving concepts of microcredentials and career-connected learning into their courses. Traditional degree programs are foundational, but they often need to improve on equipping students with the specific, in-demand skills employers seek. This self-paced course provides a way forward.